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    Executive & business coach


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    Dedicated to leaders and their challenges

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    Courses of Individual Coaching as a support for the daily challenges undertaken by leaders and their organizations.

    We can define coaching as a favoured professional relationship in which the coach backs up, stimulates and supports his/her coachee in:

    • solving problems related to performance and working environment in general
    • producing the desired results in the desired ways, in any case accordingly to the system in which he/she acts
    • identifying and gaining cross-skills, which are essential to achieve goals
    • evolving and growing both professionally and personally
    Why it works

    Because the client owns the essential abilities to reach the desired results, and he/she can access these abilities if properly encouraged.

    Because the coach can stimulate his/her client to access motivation contents and identify possible obstacles to its fulfilment.

    Because the coach’s only interest is in his/her client’s success and well-being, and in his/her integration with the hosting system; the client perceives it and feels really supported. The relationship between a coach and his/her client is based on trust, collaboration and support.