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    Internal coach training


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    Introducing Coaching in the business culture and in the internal management practice


    Programmes designed to create supporting roles (interior Coaches) who can back the development and independence of human resources; in this way companies can supply coaching paths autonomously, and also add models of performance management to this powerful tool, with the combined work of managers and internal coaches.

    The project includes the following operating phases:
    Organization and selection
    • Customized planning
    • Selection of participants
    • Internal communication for the launching of activities


    Training on necessary skills to
    • Use coaching in the company
    • Perform single sessions or full courses of corporate coaching
    • Implement the required skills for certification


    A customized Coaching to quicken learning, improve performance, make people live the experience on coachee side.


    Support and supervision for certified coaches during the first six months of internal coaching activity, to help them managing complex cases and to level different performances by various coaches, in order to create a company style.


    Activations, simulations, live demonstrations, operational tasks and practice between modules ensure the quality of this dynamic, demanding and productive path, which has a strong influence on the company’s management culture.