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    Team Coaching Aziendale


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    Dedicated to Functional and Project Teams


    The coaching tool used with teams and work groups who want to reach common targets and/or to redefine their identity, to integrate after organizational changes, to solve conflicts or to manage the starting-up of complex projects.

    What it is

    It’s a process by which the team, thanks to the easing and support provided by the Coach, identifies malfunctions in the group’s own decision-making and executive dynamics, and defines the goals to reach. From that moment on the Team works to build operational dynamics and strategies and to train them, removing obstacles.

    Who is it suitable for?

    Team Coaching is suitable for teams which have to

    • define business strategies
    • manage changes in company structure or in interior organization
    • define project start-ups
    • improve team work
    • define improvement strategies in a specific area

    Just as in individual coaching, here the Coach activates the team’s motivation, creativity and decision making ability by the use of powerful questions and operational tasks; the team’s commitment is to fulfil these tasks in the meantime between two sessions.

    Some team coaching projects can also include brief training lessons on the group’s missing skills, as detected by the group itself or by outdoor team building events.