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    Social Team Building

    Helping others to help oneself


    Social Team Building ®  is a new experiential format to reinforce the team and ease its growth.

    Differences from other formats

    An experiential metaphor is usually the central idea of a team building: assembling a raft, orienting with a compass, climbing a mountain.

    In our Social Team Building ® the metaphor is real everyday life with its difficulties, satisfactions, achievements, the need to overcome obstacles and to face concrete problems – and perhaps a chance to turn them into opportunities.

    That’s why we define it a serious play. The activity suggested varies each time and it’s designed specifically for the chosen aim, participants and location; in any case the activity ends with an immediate beneficial purpose, giving a concrete solution to a social need.

    We plan for each company activities linked to the desired territory, identifying organizations that will benefit from the interventions.

    Just to list some examples: building of playgrounds for children’s homes and for disabled people; setting up of recreational toys for daycare centres, charitable institutions and halfway houses; construction of educational scale models about renewable sources (sun, wind, hydroelectricity)  for schools and daycare centres.